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We help you in controlling the cost of stocks and provide a clear picture of the supply chain.

SNR Associates provide Stock Audit or Inventory Audit services to the companies. It makes to keep them assured of their physical assets as well as inventories. We have highly experienced and well-trained stock audit professionals to offer you quality results and output. Our skilled auditors reduce gaps in the inventory management process of your business. Our team helps you by suggesting the controlling of the cost of the stocks. SNR’s qualified professional team can help you in providing an accurate picture of the supply chain.

Our stock audit service to identify the slow-moving stock, deadstock, obsolete stock, and scrap of your organization. Our experts update the physical stock that matches book stock and helps you to find out discrepancies between book stocks and physical stock. SNR makes sure that the proper preservation and handling of the stocks for your business.

We are here to ensure manage channel work properly. You can get correct accounting at right time. We maintain the quality and freshness every time. Our team does double-check on other data reporting mechanisms. It will be a good control mechanism in running the business. Succeed with Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

A stock audit is required to reduce needless stock holdings and maintain correct line balancing during the process. It assists in keeping track of inventory to avoid material shortages and overstocking.

Stock accounts for the majority of the value of total assets in any trade or manufacturing company. Stock audits used to guarantee the accuracy of stock values and to seek assurance regarding the physical presence and preservation of stock.

The process of share price should be scrutinized to rule out the possibility of fraud and inaccuracies. It should also be determined whether sufficient control over the receiving and distribution of stock goods is in place.

Limits for performing stock audits may differ from one bank to the next. The limitation and frequency are determined by a variety of factors, including the amount of credit available, and the length of their financial institution.

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SNR is where you find the professionals to get creative solutions for legal problems. Just relax! Your business is in safe hands. Trust us!

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