In compliance audit, the SNR auditing service focuses on whether an organization is adhering to the regulatory guidelines, local law, regulation, and any industry-related standards. Our experienced team will review your company’s internal rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and decisions. We will focus on the areas which have to be examined and segregate them to start auditing. After this process, we produce the compliance status and give you the details about the list of laws that apply to your company.

We analyze the procedures of your organization on compliance with laws and the internal policies and communication processes. We audit the internal auditor report, statutory reports, and even the last year’s compliance audit reports. With the produced reports our team will conduct the audit to discuss non-compliance with the organization.

We suggest all the possible ways to provide a proper compliance audit. We ensure that all the information we produced is arranged in a well-organized manner. In this way, we will help you to follow the local laws and regulations and this will guard you against any kinds of fines and penalties.


Our mission is to provide an exceptional auditing service with integrity. We strive to meet our client’s needs to succeed in their firm.


To create an impact on your business, we provide audit services with innovative solutions to complex auditing issues.

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Why there is a need for a compliance audit?

A compliance audit is needed to check whether the company is following its rules and regulation of policies given by the government, local authorities, and the organization’s management by evaluating user access control and entity policies.

Which norms compliance audit mainly focuses?

A compliance audit service mainly focuses on whether the entity complies with statutory laws, local laws, internal rules, and decisions of the organization. They evaluate security policies, risk management procedures, and compliance procedures.

Who performs compliance audits?

An internal auditor performs a compliance audit. Depending on the choice of the management the compliance audit is performed by an external firm. They check the compliance checklists, guidelines, and ensure all the laws have been followed properly.

What is the purpose of a compliance audit?

The purpose of a compliance audit is to reduce the legal risk of a company. It ensures that all laws have been followed properly by a company. It guides the company in a proper direction. It helps to increase the trust of the company among the public.

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