SNR associates help any organization to achieve its strategic business objective with internal audits. We deliver sharp insights and add high value to our clients. With our skills and experience, we give our clients the insight and confidence that they need to execute. We aim to guide our clients through every process and help them with the regulatory norms. We also strive to enhance the overall effectiveness of the corporate governance and reporting requirements within your organization.

We are well aware, how much internal audit is important to any organization. With this in mind, we provide analysis and assessments, perspective, results, tips, and information on any activity which is being audited. The main goal of our internal audit activity is to manage the strategic partners and consultants in identifying risks and proposing possible strategies for action to enable the institution’s best performance within the sector.

Our internal audit service includes critical evaluation of internal controls, systems, and procedures, identification and recommendation of areas for cost reduction and revenue optimization. In the end, we want to witness you moving a big step closer to achieving your strategic business.


Our mission is to provide an exceptional auditing service with integrity. We strive to meet our client’s needs to succeed in their firm.


To create an impact on your business, we provide audit services with innovative solutions to complex auditing issues.

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We maintain professionalism while communicating directly and honestly. We are loyal to one another and dedicated.

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What is internal auditing?

Internal audit is the process of monitoring and analyzing a company’s overall internal management, governance, and operational process. They mainly focus on the company practices, and they help to ensure compliance with the law. They maintain timely financial reporting and data collections.

List the main advantage of internal auditing?

The main advantage of an internal audit is to find the incorrect processes followed in the company and rectifies the mistakes. When internal auditing is performed at a fixed period, the management will get an opportunity to review the performance.

Define the role of an internal auditor?

An internal auditor is a trained professional who ensures whether a company is following the proper procedures. They provide an objective evaluation of a company’s finance, business activities and give tips to the management to improve their growth.

What is an internal audit checklist?

An internal audit checklist is a tool that helps to ensure the audit is conducted systematically. It helps to promote audit planning. It has everything that is needed to complete an internal audit and provides a reference to the objective evidence.

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