We are qualified auditing partners for whom you are in need. A firm with internationally and regionally expertise DAFZA approved accountants and auditors, we have done almost 5000 audits instead of the guidelines of the local and international market. We offer several services to our clients, auditing, assuring, bookkeeping, VAT filings, risk advising, and business valuation services. We remain always honest and fair to the economic conditions of the company. Ensuring financial stability is one thing which we aim at, this can intern result your business to boom.

We maintain a vital role in the country’s farsighted economic infrastructure, as DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) approved auditors have a great role. We will help the companies to build financial discipline by adhering to proper SOP standards. Thus, an external auditor proves to be a prerequisite as well as a safe keeper of financial conditions.

We do our ultimatum to get you into a comfortable zone with hassle-free paper works with maximum. We help you to analyze organizations’ financial prospects and to renew the trade license. Companies need to submit documents that are related to the year under audit.

Registered Auditors In Dubai Airport Free Zone ( DAFZA)

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Why is auditing by approved auditors in DAFZA obligatory?

The entities registered with DAFZA need to assign a registered auditor to examine and report on the accounts prepared following local and international regulations. The statement provided by the auditor regarding the company’s accounts will comply with IFRS.

How do registered auditors in DAFZA do auditing?

The registered auditors in DAFZA will draw the financial position by analyzing the financial statements which comply with the rules and regulations. Auditors will conduct audit assurance to furnish the documents of the entities.

How is auditing in DAFZA carried out?

In DAFZA, the entities need to maintain accounting records underlying documents to explain the transactions. The accounting records will comply with IFRS and FTA and show a fair view of the profit and loss and financial position of the entity.

How do SNR associates DAFZA register auditors assist companies?

SNR associates have DAFZA registered auditors who are well-experienced in auditing top entities. Our team believes in bestowing a true insight into the business not only by analyzing and verifying the financial data but also by providing proactive suggestions for improvement and lessening the underlying risks.

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