Information System Audit

Information Technology has changed the view of every people around the globe. As we can see, an audit of IT infrastructure, systems and security has become vital for every business irrespective of the size and nature. It is not only mandatory from the compliance point of view, but more for the data security challenges the world is witnessing today.

An Information Systems Audit increases transparency and trace-ability by providing an organisation with an overview of the current state of their information systems, which includes IT infrastructure and various IT governance elements such as applications, systems, network components, policies and procedures. The Information System components can be assessed based on industry standards and frameworks or any external regulations your organisation is obliged to meet.

We have vast experience and expertise in conducting audit of Information technology systems and security of business organisations across varied industries at several locations. There is an increasing demand for IT audit specialists and skills to address the changing requirements and demands of today’s business enterprises. SNR ASSOCIATES provides specialists skilled in the IT audit, with a view to meeting these demands. We provide services and advice in support of external auditors and in the roles of internal audit, advisors and as independent consultants to executive management.

We serve organisations of all sectors and operate across all technology platforms and software environments. Our audit practitioners understand the risks which may jeopardize the availability, integrity and performance of your business systems and data. Our aim is to provide independent and objective services to identify and measure risk and the effectiveness of your processes and controls and then to assist you in formulating practical remedial measures to mitigate that risk.


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