Follow Up Audit

In a follow up internal audit, it’s closely checked if the recommendations and corrective actions undertaken on the idea of reported audit issues within the original report, are successfully implemented or not. this type of an audit is conducted 6 months after the issuance of an internal or external audit report.

The purpose of audit follow up report is to state the results of corrective actions put into practice during a stipulated time frame, so that it aides in the contribution of value to the organization. SNR ASSOCIATES provides comprehensive follow-up Auditing Service , DUBAI, UAE. We make sure that all the prescribed corrective measures are implemented on a timely basis, and in an efficient manner by the management of the company.

Our aim is to supply holistic follow-up audits which will contribute to the betterment of your organization. Our follow up services include –

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a corrective action presented in audit report by Singapore auditing firm
  • Assessment of evidence to shut out the corrective action request, as a part of the auditing service

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