External and Internal Audit

We the team of Accounting & Auditing specialists have protracted accounting and auditing knowledge and good experience in interpreting and applying accounting, auditing, financial reporting standards and other regulatory requirements.

We work with our clients to build a good bond and provide a personalized service to suit client’s all financial needs.

We provide these services to ensure that our clients meet statutory and other obligations, address the needs of stakeholders and continuously improve internal systems and processes. Here we seek to add value and deliver more than just services but also the compliance driven exercise drawing on the extensive experience of our audit professionals.

Our team provides services to a wide range of entities including:

  • Private companies and trusts.
  • Family owned enterprises and large proprietary companies.
  • Entities registered under UAE.
  • Government agencies and departments.

An Internal Audit is an additional valuable input into one’s business but not an end. While providing the necessary contribution to internal control, our
Internal Audit goes much further by ensuring that our audits are part of an ongoing cycle of risk assessment and management.

Our approach to clients would be flexible depending upon the different nature of business, the services are customized for each client which includes auditing key risks, conducting audit work to the highest professional standards and reporting risk-ranked findings and recommendations on a timely basis to the appropriate level of management or those charged with its governance.

Results for your business

  • To Identify, understand and evaluate elevated risk areas within your organisation
  • Implement robust risk management systems
  • Ensure financial and operating information with high levels of reliability and integrity
  • Comply with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations
  • Safeguard assets and make efficient use of resources
  • Measure and streamline operations and programs
  • Achieve corporate and operational objectives and goals