Payroll Services

It is always in the best interest of your business to keep your employees satisfied. A happy employee would go out of their way to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. In order to achieve such success with employees you need to ensure a healthy working environment, a worthy salary and on-time payments.

Management of payroll can become complex if not properly handled since a salary involves several perquisites and benefits instead of only wage calculation for example leave, vacation expense, insurance, medical benefits etc.

In order to simplify the process and divert your main focus to growth of the business instead of wasting time on research of laws and regulations regarding salaries and wages, hire one of the best payroll management service available at SNR ASSOCIATES.

Experience and trust

We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout Dubai that are happy and satisfied with our services. Our specialized team can guarantee you accurate programming and reduction of costs as well.

SNR ASSOCIATES practice a firm confidentiality policy that restricts our team from sharing your employees’ information and data with a third party.

Our services include

  • Employee database management – All the employee information and data will be uploaded in the system accurately. Separate employee files will be created and regular information updates will be performed.
  • Leave management – We will do the leave balance calculation for you which might get complicated at times. The leave application by the employees and the approval workflow will also be managed by our team.
  • Payroll processing – We will manage the pay cycle as well as reconcile the current pay with the previous month’s pay. The payroll processing includes calculation of regular pay, vacation pay and the full and final settlement. Before finalizing the payroll, our team will ensure that you review it and approve it for further procedures.
  • Salary disbursal – We will use the Wage Protection System (WPS) to generate the employee file as well as the pay slip. The employees will be paid on your behalf automatically through the WPS on time.
  • Statutory compliance support – Social insurance or security provided by the state (if any) will also be managed by our team. All the documentation and authorization will be done on your behalf after your approval.

Our services also include preparation of all the reports required by the statutory authorities accurately.

If the employment tax is withheld, we will ensure the payment to the tax authorities as well as perform all the complicated calculations regarding employment tax on the wages as well as the perquisites and benefits.

  • Help desk – All the queries regarding wages, salaries, insurance and benefits will be handled.
  • Accruals and provisioning – Other benefits like tickets for official trips, vacation expenses and end of term benefits will be managed by our dedicated team so that neither you nor the employee have to face any complications regarding it.


  • Employee Master Record
  • Passport and Residency Expiry for the upcoming month
  • Pay sheet (based on Attendance, Payable & Recovery information from client)
  • Payroll Journal
  • Period Closure Checklist
  • Cost Centerwise Payroll expenses distribution
  • Social Insurance Contribution worksheet (if any)
  • WPS File
  • Vacation Paysheet
  • Accrual | Provisioning Register
  • Full & Final Settlement worksheet
  • Employee Payslip
  • Help Desk Report