Accounting Supervision Services Dubai

Accounting Supervision Service is an option more suited for small and mid-size companies who cannot employ a full-time accountant or busy with their business tasks and thus cannot take care of their accounts. Accounting Supervision Services in Dubai is just like hiring an external chief accountant to monitor their accounts. Our accounting supervision services are as follows.

  1. Monthly / weekly visits based on your volume of transactions
  2. Error free verification of accounts book with necessary documents and notifying the management if there’s any.
  3. Verification of accounting entries to check whether they comply with the VAT law.
  4. Confirming error free &timely preparation of bank account reconciliation, vendor’s accounts, customer’s accounts, and other receivable & payable accounts.
  5. Check the amount paid by the entity with relative documents and proper authorization with the concerned manager/owner.
  6. Company’s earnings will be reviewed to comply with accounting principles and the contract.
  7. Ensure transactions are recorded on a regular basis and closed properly at the month end.

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